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"I dream to be on the big screen and to have a star

on the Hollywood Walk

of Fame..."

Goran Lapchev

age 13

"Every evening when I saw flashing lights of the airplanes in the sky… I started to imagine me as an air hostess in some of the planes."

Mariana Kojuharova

age 62

"I see  in my dreams

how I’ll move the

audience to tears with

my performance. "

Desislava Stoeva

age 12

A little bit of detail.



I was interested in exploring the relationship between family members (32 people, 16 families) – children and adults, mostly grandchildren and grandparents. The general concept of my multimedia project is to present a different point of seeing ourselves, understanding our lives and focusing on who we truly are and how we change.

"When I grow up I want to become a jeweller... and work with expensive materials, such as gold, silver and precious stones. "

Stanislav Baychev

age 7

"When I was a kid I dreamed of to float on

the distant seas... "

Ivan Ivanov

age 50

"...when we were young it was nice, because we used to always play outside."

Ekaterina Trendafilova

age -

"As a young boy I used to play with the bigger boys and I wanted their games to become mine and even to surpass them in some ways."

Kiril Zaprqnov

age 65

Galabina Mihailova

age 65

"All I can remember  I wanted as a young girl was to have a husband and a family and live happily ever after. "

"I have always been  quite a  sensitive child

as long as I can remember. "

Margarita Radoslavova

age 51

"I want to invent a car,

something like a car and a plane in one that can go from the Earth to Mars."

Kiril Kacarov

age 11

"When I was a little girl I

had a lot of dreams: to become a doctor, a singer,

a stewardess, an actress,

an ice-skater.... you name


Maria Cherneva

age 50

"When I grow up I want

to become a singer. I love

to sing and I like it. "

Viktoria Nalbantova

age 8

" Imagining myself as a police officer was making me feel like I could do anything. "

George Antov


"My mum also shows me how to make necklaces and rings of clay. I love it !"

Monika mineva

age 9

"We used to perform puppet theatres vocalized with accordion. Now I'm 70 and I'm retired and I remember fondly the happy years."

"I love to combine colours and patterns. I think I will become a very good fashion designer… I really want someday when I grow up to go to Paris. "

Liliq Koleva

age 8

Donka Gerova

age 70

"I wanted to be

a football player because

I had all necessary sport qualities - a champion in running, an athletics champion and in long jump champ.

Ivan Ivanov

age 67

"At the time when I was a child I dreamed of becoming a drummer in a rock band."

Hyusein Okan

age 53

"Subsequently.... my mother provoked me to this thing with painting and I started to paint."

"At the moment I want to become a designer - spatial designer. And I know a day will come when I'll have to give up the one and continue to develop the other one even more."

Davud Kulev

age 11

"I dreamt… that rainbow will be most beautiful in  my  pictures..."

"When I grow up I want to be a successful young woman!"

Maria Dimova

age 41

Stefan Hristov

age 53

Mira Cherneva

age 14

"But sometimes I want to be more guitar player because I like the new rock bands that play rock and jazz. "

"Well...When I was young I used to dream to become a writer, but I failed…

Today I'm just a translator."

Hristo Vladov

age 55

"I want to become a president of a country and gain big money. "

Detchko Hristov

age 11

Petar Dimov

age 10

"I wanted to be many people, because I never had enough time to fulfil all my dreams."

Boyan Boyanov

age 50

"After two months I'll be 67. I have no recollection of my early childhood."

Liliq Ivanova

age 67

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